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Download Telegram 2021 APK for Android – Telegram Messenger is a chat application instantly with the system end-to-end so as to maintain and ensure the confidentiality of messages in it. This application can be installed for Android, you can also on the computer. In addition to exchanging messages, the telegram can also be used to share documents and locations. There is a lot of messaging apps like Whatsapp, LINE, BBM and others. Earlier in the 80 to 90 present of communication devices and exchanging information over long distance, namely the Telegraph. The presence of Telegram app makes the increasingly crowded world of communications. Telegram no longer need to be sent through the post office. Because Now the Telegram is in every Smartphone with the to Download Telegram 2021 APK

Download Telegram 2019 APK for Android
Download Telegram 2021 APK for Android

How to Download Telegram APK For Android

Telegram messenger is classified in the new app that takes a lot of attention and demand. For those of You who are interested, here is a guide to Telegram APK 2021 for android:

  • Enter in the google play store, then search for telegram app with a logo image of a paper airplane.
  • Click install telegram app and wait for it to be installed on Your smartphone.
  • After finished installed, create a personal account in the telegram app. How to enter phone number on, and enter the verification number that will be sent in a number has already been registered.
  • Fill in the name and attach the photo You want, so that it can be found by theme-friends other use telegram app.
  • Find and invite friends using telegram app. You can also enable access on the telegram app to access automatically a friend-a friend in Your phone contacts. So that the telegram can display a list of friends in the contact phone number using the telegram app.

How To Use Telegram App On Android

After successfully Download Telegram 2021 APK for Android and register yourself. Next is to study the application of telegram messenger. Here is how to use telegram app on android, among others:

  • Choose one friend who is there in telegram contacts You, then give a message that You want.
  • You can send a text message with a type it first, or also share photos, videos, contacts, documents, to Your location. The trick is You simply press the icon of the paperclip or a paper clamp that is located next to the column text chat. Then select what information You will share.
  • You can send secret text messages by selecting the option new secret chat and select your friend’s name. However, You can also divide the text messages, pictures, or video to suma Your friends to install telegram app on the smartphone.

You can also replace the background more interesting by way of setting the application telegram messenger uses the background You like.  The same as in the BBM, LINE, or Whatsapp, in telegram app, You can also create a group with a lot of friends can even accommodate 5,000 contacts. Group in telegram app has the same functions and benefits such as a chat application that other like file sharing, send voice note, and other. Download Telegram 2021 is indeed one Messenger application as popular as WhatsApp or LINE, but the Telegram application comes to provide a new color in the world of communication and instant messaging applications. Even in Google Play Store registered application Telegram Messenger has been installed 500 million times by Android users

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