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Download WeChat 2022 APK Latest Version – Increasingly sophisticated technology much affect will the progress of the software (software) that exist today. One of the applications that will be discussed is Wechat. The application Wechat is a communication service or a free messaging app that can be an alternative of messaging the usual. The presence of Wechat in Indonesia is a joint technology and mobile products, namely Tencent and Global Mediacom or known by the MNC Group.

WeChat 2020 APK Latest Version
WeChat 2020 APK Latest Version

WeChat 2020 APK allows users to send text, video, photos, and other files. Application Wechat developed by Tencent Holdings in China and the application Wechat can run on operating systems such as IOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, and Blackberry OS. Language support on this app is English, Chinese, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Malay, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Italian, Russian, Hindi, and also Turkey.  If you want to Download WeChat 2022 APK Latest Version there are available on in the App Store for iTunes, Google Play Store for Android and various place download other. Usually you can get by free.

Weakness Wechat APK

  • For a group on Wechat is limited with only 40 members only .
  • For shake feature and features throw the bottle always aimed at users from China.
  • When there are voice messages directly stored to the Phone.
  • Yet there is a feature to Copy and Paste.
  • Each member of the group can change the group name.
  • If you want to use this app, then it should be to make sure your opponent chattingan you install this app as well.

Excess Wechat APK

The main advantages are given when the WeChat 2022 APK is very simple and easy to use by the user. Not only that, you can also send and receive messages in the form of text, pictures, emoticons, files, audio or video. Jam that there is an excess of other interesting Wechat also features a free calls and also video calls.
If you want to download Wechat APK latest version then the things you need to know is make sure you enroll by way of menyambungakan your telephone number with the personal account Wechat has been installed. How to use Wechat APK

How to create a Wechat account

  • Register yourself by registering your phone number private. Later will appear the option confirm if the number entered accordingly.
  • The process of account verification. Later there will be a code veifikasi to your message, then enter the 4 digit code for verification.
  • On the page setup profile, type your name in the column full name. In addition you can also choose for your account photo.
  • Look for your friends on Wechat.

How to add friends

  • If you allow the app Wechat to access your contacts list call you. In addition Wechat will use the contact information to search for other Wechat users you may know.
  • Next press the button Recommended Friends.
  • Then press the Add button that is next to the name of the user you want to add as a friend.
  • If you want to add a friend by using the telephone number, you can press the + button in the corner of the kenan top of the screen.
  • Then press the Add button Friends.
  • In the search box, type the number on your friend’s phone that use the same Wechat.

How to use Wechat

  • Sends a message with how to select Contacts.
  • Add emoticons to the message.
  • Can send a photo or video.
  • You can also take a photo or record video to be sent.
  • You can also use the voice call or video call.

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